Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Zionised Media Circus

The Zionised Media Circus

We were told that Shiekh Haron is a bad person and the Zionised media outlets called Muslim community to come forward and condemn him. I knew nothing about him or his alleged crime. Yet, I smelled a rat and I made Shiekh Haron blog. I did so because my memory was fresh about Dr. Mohamad Haneef, Mamdouh Habib, David Hicks, … and I maintain an healthy skepticism.

I then said, “When a non-Muslim commits any crime no one expects the respective community and community leaders to come out and condemn their fellow member. Therefore no one should expect Muslim community and Muslim leaders to condemn any individual’s alleged crime. Let’s stop any trial by media as well as stop inciting against Muslims based on Israel centric tradition.”

I also said, “… people who are pushing our nation in wars outside Australia and not in defense of Australia are worse than this silly Sheikh Haron.” Including “ … Australian leaders who are sending their own children in other people’s wars and letting them die for nothing are worse than Sheikh Haron.”

Since then we were spoon fed a lot about Sheikh Haron and no one spoke in his defense! This afternoon I saw horrible looking bearded creature in the news. To make it worse, he was wearing a Muslim robe! The picture and story reminded me about Sydney religious trader reverend (?) Fred Nile, Bush, Blair and Howard! I rushed outside Downing Centre to confront the “Iranian born Muslim fanatic/hate merchant/terrorist”!

I saw him out side Downing Centre and I asked, “do you believe in peace”?

Sheikh Haron: Yes.

Me: Do you believe in violence”?

Sheikh Haron: No.

Me: Assalamualikum (peace be with you).

Sheikh Haron: Walaikumassalam (peace be with you too).

Me: Why are you writhing silly letters?

Sheikh Haron: have you seen my letters? Why did they remove my web? Why are they treating people with contempt and keeping them in the dark?


Me: What do you think about Australian people?

Sheikh Haron: Most of them are nice and they are willing to listen.

Me: Have you been insulted or attacked today?

Sheikh Haron: Yes, one silly person, police are good and fare.

Me: What do you think about Australian media?

Sheikh Haron: They are worse?

Ladies and gentleman, you are the judge and jury. I am only reporting my findings.

Faruque Ahmed

Moderator, Free Australia Now

Mobile: 041 091 4118

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